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Motorization by DoctorBlind StudiosTM

Few companies along the southwest coast of Florida handle as large of motorization projects as DoctorBlind Studios. We have been called upon to handle jobs from $500 to well over $50000. This isn't a coincidence, we have made motorization one of our primary focuses.

In an era when blind companies pop up like daisies, their must be a rose amongst the all of them. Motorizing your blinds and shades isn't always difficult by any stretch, but it does require a professional that understands the complexities of what system to utilize when offering motorization to a client. Battery operated, low-voltage, hardwired? The choice is not easy, but it is clear, when it's what you do.

Choose DoctorBlind Studios for motorized window covering needs. We'll send a professional to survey the situation and provide an electrician if it's necessary.

DoctorBlind Studios and motorized blinds and shades, it just works.

See the video and photo gallery below: